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The SunCatcher Fund

Sun-CatcherThe SunCatcher Fund has been established as a vehicle for interested parties to fund end-of-life wishes for the patients of Holisticare Hospice. Many of our patients’ families are so touched by the compassionate care and stellar clinical service provided by Holisticare that they request donations be made in the name of their deceased loved one to The SunCatcher Fund. All of the proceeds donated go directly back to funding these very special last wishes, and include things that are above and beyond the scope of traditional hospice services.

SunCatcher Fund Blessings

One More Visit to the Shore

The Holisticare Hospice Team had the privilege of caring for Mrs. B., a woman who spent the majority of her adult life living at the Jersey Shore. When she shared her memories about her beach inspired home, and all the family who came to visit and even the summertime treats that were her favorite, it was as if she was transported back to that time in her life when she was healthy and still had her husband by her side. In conversations with her RN/Case Manager, she stated that she would love to visit that house just one more time, feel the ocean breeze and the sun on her face. The Holisticare Hospice Team made it happen. Mrs. B. was able to accomplish this last wish because of the SunCatcher Fund.

Anniversary Celebration

The SunCatcher Fund helped a couple, Mr. and Mrs. N. celebrate their last anniversary together, which also happened to be their 60th wedding anniversary. This special couple shared with the Social Worker how special their anniversary was each year, always making it a priority to celebrate the day, even if it was just a small glass of wine and a dance around the kitchen. As they accepted that their time together would soon be ending, they were saddened that there wouldn’t be a big celebration, especially for such a momentous anniversary. The Holisticare Hospice Team put together a beautiful anniversary dinner, complete with flowers and music, and waited on this adoring couple in their own kitchen so that the patient could be kept comfortable. There were tears in the eyes of all who helped out that evening at such a special display of love and adoration.

Let’s Go Phillies!

Holisticare Hospice had admitted a Mrs. T., who was a diehard Phillies fan, donning all the garb including hats and t-shirts. She had Phillies teddy bears, cups and cards hanging in her room at the Center where she resided. She watched every game and new every player’s stats. When asked about the games she had been to, she admitted to our Chaplain that she had never actually been to a game and that now it was too late. The SunCatcher Fund secured tickets to a Phillies game for her, her son and her grandson, in addition to transportation. The Team volunteered their time to ensure her safety and comfort. Mrs. T. and her family were ecstatic to be able to create this memory together, something that would have been impossible without the help and support of the Holisticare Team and The SunCatcher Fund.

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