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We have developed this website as a resource for you and your family to learn more about hospice. Please feel free to explore each section of our resources. Should you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact our staff and we’d be glad to assist you.

The Role of the Hospice Staff

Primary Care Nurse:

Patients are assigned a primary care nurse who helps coordinate care with the other members of the Interdisciplinary Team. The role of the RN is to help prevent and relieve pain and other symptoms. The hospice RN works diligently to anticipate the needs of the patient and to assist with the natural progression of a patient’s illness.

Physician Services:

The hospice medical director works closely with patients’ attending physicians to help manage the terminal illness and any conditions related to the patients’ terminal illness.

Social Worker:

Facing a serious illness can be a time of tremendous emotional pain, not only for the patient, but their family and caregivers as well. Social workers provide emotional support that guides the patient and their loved ones through the end-of-life process. These skilled professionals will also be available to help loved ones with the planning for funeral arrangements, nursing home placement and homecare selection.

Spiritual Counselor:

The hospice Chaplain is available to assist patients and families as they cope with the significant spiritual issues that may arise during a terminal illness.

Hospice Aide:

Hospice aides have an experience caring for patients at the end-of-life and have been carefully chosen to help assist with activities of daily living and personal care.


Hospice Volunteers are special people who provide many different types of support for patients and their loved ones. Volunteers may be regularly scheduled or used as needed.


Following a terminal illness, patients and families often struggle with anticipatory grief. Following a patient’s passing, the family is followed by our bereavement team for up to 13 months.

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