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There are not enough words in this world or the next that would express my gratitude to you. Because of your wonderful gentle care, I was able to keep my wonderful, beloved husband of 62 years home with me in his final moments. For that I will be eternally grateful. May God Bless you and keep you.
— Dee Dunn

Our sincerest thanks for giving so much of yourselves to provide the care and attention our Mom needed. We will always remember your dedication, your patience, and the compassion you provided to Mom. We knew she was in good hands. We are all so very grateful to all of you.
— Lynn & Chuck Flora

How can I thank you enough for giving my husband, Clois, so much wonderful care. I want to thank Dr. Vasil for coming to the house and making Clois’ last hours as comfortable as possible. And a very special thanks to Cindy Scott, his nurse, for giving him such wonderful, compassionate care, even made him laugh sometimes! I’m sure you’ve been told this many times before, but you should be called Holisticare Angels, because that’s what you are!
— Anne Fears

Like my deceased father, I am in the law enforcement field and find it hard to trust people. Always thinking, what’s their angle or how are they trying to get over on me. However, the employees of Holisticare Hospice are awesome. They are a group of professionals who really care about what they are doing and the people’s lives they are helping.

I was truly impressed with how the staff would explain to you what you were going to see happen at some point in the future. Of course, there is no exact science in the dying process. I was also surprised how Dr. Vasil visited my father’s residence to not only check on his progress, but to just talk to him and check on the welfare of the rest of the family going through the process. Pastor Phil also comforted and eased the transition for my father and me as my father’s health continued to slide. I could go on and on about how each individual staff member’s personality makes the Holisticare Hospice staff amazing.

Believe me, the process that you are going to go through is going to be rough. I deal with death at work all the time and thought that I would be able to stomach it with few problems. But when you are dealing with a loved one, it is not easy and will change how you look at life in the future. I was glad that Holisticare Hospice was there with me through it all and there at the end. But yet, they are still around to help you with the grieving process. In closing, I can only say the following to you. That if you live in the AK Valley and have a terminally ill loved one that wants to stay at their residence, you need to look into the services that the Holisticare Hospice staff can provide to you. Remember, this is the last phase of life you will have with your loved one and you can’t afford to get it wrong. Because those last days with them, will be the ones that you remember the most after they pass.
— Detective John W. Clark,
Son of William C. Clark, the former Chief of Police in the City of Arnold

A special thanks to Sharon, who spent a lot of time here with dad, and also to Dr. Vasil, whose kindness and compassion helped us get through this difficult time. They were the most caring people to me and my family. They gave me a comfort and I couldn’t have done this without them. Thanks to all the staff, God bless.
— Dorothy

Thank you for the kind, thoughtful, and considerate care in which you have given my mom and family. I wish you all of the best in continuing the wonderful care that you provide, while touching people’s lives. I was always pleased with the care provided with the hospice team and I know my aunt was also. The team was very caring, responsive, and respectful. The care provided was very much appreciated. Thank you so much.
— Roy

I have recommended Holisticare Hospice to others who have also needed this care. I will continue to do so as I was very happy with all involved with mom’s care.

As bad a shape that I was in both physically and emotionally, I did appreciate the compassion shown by all who attended my mother. It was personal and very genuine to say the least and greatly appreciated under the circumstances. Also, the follow up correspondence to my home after the fact was very supportive. My family and I were very grateful and pleased by the care we received from the Doctor and people of Holisticare Hospice.
— Max

“Thank you so much. Nurse stayed during her last day. Mom was in assisted living, nurse was in and out throughout the day. Came back when called and arrived quickly. Evening nurse on call came by to introduce herself before the evening. Social Worker came to funeral. Everyone was kind and helpful. Thank You!”

“The Hospice improved my father’s end of life so much. The nursing home did the minimum for him and hospice paid attention to him. Bathed him. Talked with him. Answered every phone call or text I sent. Gave us support to know we were right in our decision. Nursing home didn’t refer us to put him in hospice. I had to ask how to get them to stop dragging him to doctors and hospitals, to stop talking, feeding tube and dialysis. I am so glad you were there for us.”

I just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed with your hospice team…from the equipment company which delivered the oxygen and the suction machine (Brandon was their delivery person) to Dana and Elaine , the wonderful nurses whose compassion is remarkable. It is so rare these days to find this kind of professionalism and caring in one package.
— Anne

They (Holisticare Hospice) were very, very caring. They kept my mom very comfortable, kept us very informed. They were the best. Jennifer was a wonderful person. I cannot say enough good things about Holisticare Hospice. I was very comfortable having their to help us.
— Bernadette M.

When i wasn’t there for Tom, you were . When i couldn’t help him, you did. When he needed a hand the most, your offered yours. In my heart, I pray I’ll be able to follow your example of love”
— Alice F.

All you are all wonderful caring people… all the people that were in our home are angels and i know there are many more angels on staff. You all have a special place in our hearts. Thank you.
— Linda O.

Our hope is that strides will continue to be made in conquering this terrible disease which affects so many. Also, i want to thank you for taking the time to console my daughter and myself—it certainly helped to bring closure to any doubts we had. My husband received excellent care from the nurses, aides and social worker during the brief time he spent in hospice. He was afforded all the comfort supplies he needed, and also, most importantly
— TLC.

We want to express our thanks for all the respect, love and care shown towards our mother at the time of her greatest need. From Sharon and Danna on the front lines to everyone in your organization, I know you all are completely dedicated to your work and your patients. we can never thank you enough for the peace of mind you gave us. The sheaf of wheat was such a thoughtful sentiment.
— Elaine and family.

We are so thankful to each and everyone of you, those that we had met, and saw firsthand, what a wonderful and caring people you were to our loved one. You ALL, by your loving care made her life transition from this world to our Heavenly Father, serene and peaceful, the best anyone could give to any human being. Thank you ALL for your help and assistance in all our needs, and the beautiful flowers.
— Alaide M., Danny J., Tina V., and Brenda A.

I want you to know how grateful I am for the excellent care thank you and your organization gave my wife and me during her last days and death. Neither of us could have expected more. During that short time, with the exception of family. Wanda had more human interaction and fun than she had experienced in the last two or three years. A special thanks goes to her contact providers Jenn, Danna, Sharon, Tami. Wanda got her favorite Christmas treats after all. I’m sure that your support staff made their contribution too. thanks to you all.
— George S.

We all want to thank you at Holisticare Hospice for being so caring kind and thoughtful. You all did a wonderful job taking care of my husband. Sara made him very happy with her music and he even did a little dance for us. Pastor Mike came to the mass and we thank for that may God bless all of you much love, Just knowing that in countless ways our family and friends are with us makes the way easier. Thank you.
— Anonymous.

Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for each one of you. You each took such amazing care of such a special person, and I am so blessed to know that she was cared for by the very best. May you each continue to be blessed with the special gift of caring and your own unique special touch and know that I along with everyone else on Rebecca’s team are forever thankful. She is flying high among the angels free of pain. She had a journey that no one should ever have to fight but if they do fight this journey, they should all be surrounded by a team like you!
— Anonymous.

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